Peat “EYEZ” Wollaeger

Peat “EYEZ” Wollaeger is an artist globally known for large scale murals and colorful stencil...

Jamie Locke

Jamie Locke is best known for her intricate hand-carved mandalas on wood, metal, glass and...

Marc Anderson

Marc is a sculpture and mural artist, based in Indianapolis, IN.

Juan G Tiscareno

Juan G Tiscareno is an artist based in Indianapolis, IN.

Darian Tucker

Artist Darian Tucker is based in Indianapolis, IN

Hector Duarte

Hector Duarte was born in 1952 in Caurio, Michoacan, Mexico. He studied mural painting at...

Pamela Bliss
Indianapolis based artist. Has been painting murals and art for over 30 years.
Doug Stanley

Artist that contributed to the 46 murals from Super Bowl 46.

Carl Leck

Artist the created the "Trivergence" mural on Mass ave. in Indianapolis, IN for Super Bowl...

Jeb Banner
Jeb Banner is CEO and co-founder of SmallBox, an Indianapolis based creative agency...
Artist: Jose Di Gregorio
Jose Di Gregorio is an artist based in Sacramento, CA. He is known for his...