About Us

About Us, Picturing Community

About Us, Picturing Community

Mission: to discover where people, businesses, and nonprofit organizations are collaborating to make a difference in the world.

At Picturing Community, we are exploring, capturing, and telling the story of the how people and organizations collaborate on behalf of the communities we live in.  There are many dedicated businesses, nonprofits, and people that are dedicating their time and talents into making our communities a bettter place to live.  We are here to support these efforts through a mixture of photography, writing, web development, video, and many other forms of creative media.

In essence, the aim is simple... find the places where people come together to make change a reality.

The Person

About Me, Jeremy Houchens

Hello, my name is Jeremy and I am the guy behind this website.  For over twenty years, I have worked in a variety of technology based businesses (aka startups) developing websites, working with data, and enabling marketing departments to bring their campaigns to life on the internet.

Today, I help clients understand how to leverage technology to help grow their businesses.  In my free time, I enjoy connecting with interesting, motivated people and love to learn about the work they are passionate about creating in the world.